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Why Data Security is very important to all Businesses ?

The recent flurry of hacking attacks reported in the national news has put a new focus of businesses and their ability to protect their information systems. This is not just for companies that operate purely online. A lack of security can even include an open Wi-Fi access point to a retail business data system. Encryption is important, but one component of complete system security as it fails to provide 100% data security. Similarly, use of computer software for monitoring employees with the intended motivation of preventing data leakage is just one of the several measures for protecting the business.

The fact that encryption and employee monitoring tools are useful cannot be denied, but the problem is that they cannot be fully relied upon, when it comes to security of business information. For instance, employee monitoring tools are quite helpful in catching the culprit red-handed as they keep record of every email sent and received by the employee along with its attachment, but still their limited features does not allow them to keep sensitive information safe. In a nutshell, encryption and employee monitoring tools do offer a considerable amount of security, but they are hardly enough to keep hackers and other rogue elements from gaining unsolicited access to confidential data, including crucial personal information for customers and associated businesses alike. Companies should join hands to conduct an updated security analysis for potential weaknesses. Sometimes business operators take system security for granted, but the truly serious and informed manager understands that data security is very important to all businesses regardless of size and industry.

Why Data Security is very important to all Businesses

 Microsoft Support Transition

The Microsoft decision to stop support for their Windows XP operating system has only made the data security situation worse, as many companies are still using the outdated system worldwide. And, the Windows 7 OS is next on the agenda for abandonment. The XP OS will actually have security support extended for China because the XP is still the dominant national operating system. That would mean that the updates for the XP system should be available somewhere online, but major U.S. companies that have not made the transition to Windows 8 may be reluctant to provide in-house data security.

The Chinese digital dilemma can also impact the United States data systems, as we have seen by the hacking attacks that are traced to the Chinese network. There is any number of reasons an anonymous hacking group would orchestra an attack on any particular data system. Microsoft reports that over half of all computer users in China still use XP and up to 70% of them do not bother to install any security updates. Given that the Internet is a global system, U.S. companies doing business in China with other contracted firms could be affected.

 New Technology Innovations

The answer to this security problem for most companies could be the full implementation of cloud technology. Cloud security systems can offer a very effective and cost-efficient method of controlling system security through an experienced and dependable cloud security service that can focus on protecting your company information while you focus on growing the company. This security model works well for any size business. Company information such as trade secrets and other documentation can be very valuable to competitors, as well as those attempting to exploit a corporate data system for financial gain. New technology developments provide new ways to protect your company property in a format designed specifically for your particular business. Some security cloud companies even have systems designed specifically for healthcare and financial institutions, along with various customized plans available for any retail business. The business dynamic will impact the security system focus.

It is important for all business managers to understand there are multiple dimensions of data system security. Depending on the business model, identification can usually be made at a particular optimum connection points. However, the primary dimensions of data security are physical access to the computer system, along with a strict control of access authorization. In the contemporary digital world, protecting your company requires protecting your company information. Do not take data system security for granted.

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