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How to Create a Good Video with Images and Music ?

Maybe you are planning to create a video for your birthday, wedding anniversary or some other important event in your life. But, you do not have a camcorder or any such software that will be helpful for creating wonderful videos for your need. Don’t worry; you do not need a high end software to create videos. It is much easier to create videos with your existing images and music files. Filmora Video Editor is an excellent choice for those situations.

Like we already stated, you just need a professional quality video editing software for creating your videos. Choose your files and combine them together following the on screen instructions.

We will use Filmora Video editor for the purpose. It comes with over 200 special effects and all the needed editing options for handling your video editing or video creation requirements. The steps involved are simple and easy to follow –

We assume you have already downloaded and installed the app on your device. You can either download it on Windows or Mac.
Import your files from the option Import Media Files from Here. You can click on the Import button and choose where you would want to import the files from.
create video with music and Images

  • Next, drag the files you want to add to the newly created video to the timeline. You can choose the sequence of the images and apply the filters, transitions, and overlays.

  • You can download the effects from the iSkySoft store. Adding the extra features will help you improve the performance of the video further.
  • You can even add specific titles if you want to. You just need to click on the Text/ Credit option and add the title.

  • Next, we will add the audio to the videos. It should work in a similar manner as editing the video timeline. Just drag the audio of your choice to audio timeline. Click on it and adjust the audio parameters. Once all your settings and configurations are done, click on OK to confirm the changes.
  • Next, preview your file and export it to an appropriate format. Now, click on OK to confirm your editing process.

That does it. You have successfully created your video and can use it for whichever purpose you have built it for. You can send it to your friends, acquaintances, and upload or share it with any of your preferred social media networks.

Filmora is an excellent option for both beginners and professionals alike. Equipped with over 300 different video effects and intuitive tools, it helps you create Hollywood style videos efficiently. It also offers green screen options along with the screen record functionality for the excellent functionality. In fact, the tool can even be used for creating animated videos with a host of animation effects you can choose from. What’s more, you will find more effects launched every month!

Check out the professional quality video editor today and enjoy the best ever experience of creating any kind of custom videos with ease.

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