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Best Portabale off Grid Power Solution : Inergy Kodiak Generator

Inergy Kodiak Generator is the best portable off-grid power solution. In fact, it weighs about 20lbs. Regardless, the Kodiak generator is able to satisfy power needs of home appliances and camp trailers. Besides, Kodiak generator is not only powerful but also versatile. Its versatility evidently comes through when providing power in the face of emergencies or while out camping. This provision will save you the hassle that comes from dated fuel-powered generators.

Best Portabale off Grid Power Solution

What this Kodiak Generator powers

This Kodiak Generator is capable to power an assortment of appliances and devices. These appliances include the following;

  • Tablets
  • Refrigerators
  • Basecamp LED lights
  • Chest freezer
  • Laptops
  • Sump Pump


    • Inergy Kodiak Generator powers the above appliances efficiently, thanks to its quality features. These features work hand in hand to provide the much-needed sufficient energy.
      • Single RV outlet
      • Sturdy metal housing
      • Lightweight portable battery
      • Huge capacity of 1.1 KW hours
      • Peak output power of 3000 watt
      • 2000 charge cycles sufficient for industries
      • AC Inverter 1,500 watts
      • AC output 110 AVC
  • How to Charge this Kodiak GeneratorFirst and foremost, this energy is very user-friendly. It does not present any challenges as you attempt to charge it. You can capitalize on the efficient five options in order to charge. They include the following;
    1. External Battery charge-This charging option deprives you a full charge. During this charging process, the Kodiak equalizes with the external battery as long it is an Inergy Battery.
    1. 12 Volt Car Charger-It guarantees a full charge under four hours. You will have to connect the battery to the Car’s DC charge port by using a cable car charger.
    1. Solar panels-This generator comes with two ports, which are used in charging it by Solar panels.
    1. Quick Wall Charger-It allows the generator to get full charge under 6 hours, by supplying 190 Watt.
    1. AC power Adapter-This option will provide full charge within 6 hours. The Kodiak generator will be supplied with 110 volts.


    When you purchase this Kodiak Generator, it comes with extra add-ons for instance;

    • Shoulder carrying strap
    • AC Charger
    • Kodiak Solar Generator
  • Why you need this generator . Kodiak generator is a power back-up appliance, you can never afford to miss out on. Once acquired, it offers some of the best benefits that include the following;
    • Reliable solar back up system
  • Power outages are emergencies that you can never run from. In the face of such disasters, reliable power back-up systems come in handy. In such an instance, you can count on this Kodiak Generator.
    • Affordable
  • The manufacturer of this power back up system is customer-led. For that reason, this appliance goes for affordable prices, unlike other related generators.
    • User Friendly
  • It comes with a straightforward and simple input and output ports. You can connect and start using in a nick of time.
    • Perfect for off-grid connectivity
  • You can always enjoy all day power supply in your house without any problem. Furthermore, it uses solar energy thus making it environmentally friendly.ConclusionIn the wake of power outages, a reliable power backup system will do you some great good. It is for that reason why you need a Kodiak Generator. This generator will serve you with power during power outages.

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